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Work with Firchow!

            20+ years in The Business

Stop competing on price, build a respected brand and know exactly what tools and tactics will help you to achieve your business goals  - without blowing your budget?

Imagine having a seasoned Senior VP of Sales & Marketing as a strategic partner and advantage for your business, for less than the cost of adding and administrative assistant. 

Well, now you can stop imagining.

Your Virtual SVP will meet with you and your team to understand your business, your challenges and uncover the opportunities. From there we dive right into your market, employees, and customer insight to get a holistic view of your company. Based on our learnings, Your Virtual SVP will create a clear and concise Sales and Marketing Strategy with tactics focused solely on achieving your goals. We help you execute your plans and provide training & guidance to your team. 

Your Virtual SVP is a sales and marketing pro that you add to your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring a sales manager.

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                   Do you need help making important decisions? Contact me today and let me put you back on track.

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